My Experience with Law Of Attraction

Hello hello after a good long while. Apologies for the disappearance! I’m often told that I am very good at disappearing. But I really need to make a habit of building my presence on here more because disappearing is most certainly not always a good thing.

So today is Friday and where I live Friday is the only day you get to wind down and just be at home and do nothing. It’s sort of a one day weekend which isn’t as bad as it sounds really. Anyhow, I often start my mornings happy and ready to have it and this morning wasn’t very different except for one little detail. I went outside to enjoy a little sunshine early in the morning since the weather has become so much more warmer lately and it seems spring is truly here!

As I went to the back of the house I noticed a kitten sneak away and hide the moment it saw me, it seems a little stray has made it’s home here without me knowing. Moments later it’s mother calls out to it standing over me atop the wall but when I saw her I wasn’t frighten and neither was she of me. She wasn’t hissy or angry as they get when they’re being overprotective but instead she just came close when I found myself leaning a little extending my hand. Soon I was petting her and she was purring and it was as though we were meant to be with one another at that exact moment in time. Drawn to one another somehow and utterly unafraid of each other.

here’s the lovely pair afterwards

The little kitten however didn’t seem part of that equation, not being as bold and not seeming as keen to reach out to me as the mother cat. I found myself also bringing them water and something to eat as well (which is a good thing to do and can go into my “do  good” movement that I initiated carrying out last month) and wondering if they will move on to a new place or linger. But I also remembered that a few days ago I had been constantly thinking about a cat and wanting a cat and I certainly pinpoint this little incident this morning to those thoughts and how they manifested the mother cat and her kitten into my day.

This is my first tangible example ( which I remember thus far ) of the law of attraction working for me. It leaves me excited and wanting to try it out more now! And honestly now, I look forward to seeing more of what my thoughts can bring into my life. It’s going to be amazing, I can feel it!

On a side note, Fridays shall now most definitely become blog days for me.

Blessed Friday!!

To new beginnings

I’ve been meaning to start a blog forever now, about three or four years to be exact. But the thing was, I just never got around to actually doing it.

Sound familiar?

I’m sure many people have gone through that. Letting life sweep them away. Forgetting to just stop, take a moment and just breathe…

It can be challenging, not to mention overwhelming listening to those negative little thoughts that somehow manage to win. But with the grace of Allah, today is the day!

A new day, a new beginning and here is my very first blog post on wordpress.

I hope it won’t be the last and things will only continue to flourish from here. I plan to write my thoughts and share what’s going on in the world around me. Since I live in an interesting part of the world. In the capital city, Hargeisa, of an unrecognised country by the name of Somaliland. I won’t talk about my work because there’s another outlet for that but this blog will be catering more to my creative side, God Willing.

Life is a journey and every single day is a new beginning. So here’s to new beginnings and making them work for me. I look forward to taking this writing journey and sharing my thoughts.

For now though, I am grateful. So very grateful.